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7 Day Rental

There’s no one or two day rentals here. Rent our games for SEVEN days for a fraction of the cost of buying them!

Free Pickup

Free Pickup from 7pm-10pm at over 3 Convenient Triangle Locations.

No Deposit Required

No deposit is required to rent our games! Just a signed rental agreement and your rental fee!

Large Selection

Choose from over 200+ titles. We have one of the largest selections of Board Game Rentals in the Triangle Area!

Board Game Rental Process

Step 1: View Board Game Catalog

Click here to browse our Board Game Rental Catalog. If you want to read more about a game, or wish to add it to your Rental Shopping Cart then hover over the game then click on the shopping cart button under the game.

Step 2: Select Games

After pressing the Shopping Cart Button a screen will pop up with information about the game. If you would like to proceed with renting the game then click on Add to Cart button, otherwise just close the pop up.

Step 3: Select Rental Period

Once you’ve selected a game and clicked on the Add to Cart button, you will get another pop up screen. You will need to choose your Pickup and Return Dates. (Please note that Return Dates MUST the same day of the week and location as the Pickup – ie: Pickup on a Monday and Return the following Monday)

Here are the Available Days/Times for Dropoff and Pickup and their Corresponding Locations
Mondays 7pm-10pm at Oak & Dagger Public House located at 18 Seaboard Ave #150, Raleigh, NC 27604
Thursdays 7pm-10pm at Sharky’s Place located at 5800 Duraleigh Rd, Raleigh, NC 27612

To select the Pickup Date, simply click on the day of the week (Mon/Thurs Only) on the pop up calendar that you want to pick up the game. To select the Return Date, select the same weekday for the following week. (Example: Pick up on Thursday, Jan 18th and Return on Thursday, Jan 25th).

After you have selected your Pickup and Return Dates you will click on the APPLY button.

Step 4: Check Out

Click on the Checkout Button.

Step 5: Fill Out Rental Info / Review Terms and Conditions

Please fill in the requested information

Name: Please Provide Us with your full name.
Email: Please provide us with a valid email address we can use to contact you in regards to your rental.
Venue: Please Provide us with the name of the venue you intend to pick up your rental from.
Rental Agreement: Please write ‘YES’ to acknowledge that you understand you will be required to sign a rental agreement in person when you pick up your rental games.
Terms and Conditions: Please take a moment to click on the terms and conditions link and review. After you have reviewed them and understand them, please write YES and YES in the box provided then click the Terms & Conditions checkbox.

Click Continue to Payment button