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What Are Game Guardians?


Game Guardians are simple, easy-to-use transparent sticker-like protectors for Board Game boxes. Game Guardians are designed to protect the corners and seams of Board Game Boxes from wear and tear and prevent further deterioration. Game Guardians fit most most games – even games up to 4 inches tall!

How to Apply Game Guardians

Watch this short video to see Triangle Game Night’s own Erin Dean, creator of Game Guardians, show you how to apply a Game Guardian!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Game Guardian Dimensions?
They are 2.5 inches wide and 5 inches long. Please note that they can accommodate games up to 4 inches tall.

How Do Game Gaurdians Protect Board Game Boxes?
They create a protective barrier over the seams and corners of the box, it stops it from splitting and showing wear.

Are these totally transparent?
Yes, you do not normally notice the Game Guardians unless light is directly reflected on them.

Are Game Guardians Permanent?
The Game Guardians are designed to be removable during application but like any adhesive sticker,they can become permanent over time.

Will Removing the Game Guardian cause damage to my game?
Depending on the condition of your game and the material the box is made out of, it is possible that removing the Game Guardian can cause some ink to lift off or paper to tear.

Why Buy These? Can’t I Just Use Packing Tape?
You absolutely could, however, packing tape can be cumbersome and time-consuming and downright ugly. Game Guardians are simple, totally transparent and easy to use – not to mention, FAST to apply!

Can I Buy Game Guardians in Bulk for my private Board Game Collection?
Yes, please contact us for more details.

I own/manage a Board Game Store and would like to sell Game Guardians. Are they available for wholesale? 
Yes, please contact us for more details.

Can These Be Used for Boxes other than Board Games? 
Absolutely! These can be used for any box that needs protection on it’s corners and seams! These are perfect for Magic the Gathering players who often have heavy wear and tear on their boxes.

Where Are Game Guardians Made?
Game Guardians were designed in NC and printed in Oregon – made in the USA!