Corporate Events

Corporate Game Night

Featuring over a 75 Count Board Game Collection (with the games custom tailored to your employees tastes), 6 Giant Games, a video game station complete with a Wii, 100 Games, HD video projector and 100″ projection screen, and three dedicated hosts our Corporate Game Night brings out the kid in all of us! Contact Us for a Custom Quote for Your Next Event!

Corporate Trivia Night

Want to add some fun and low key entertainment to your next corporate dinner? Hire us to host a Private Trivia Event! We write all of our questions in-house (no canned trivia here) and create custom questions targeting toward your guests – and we can even throw in questions about your company! Talk about a fun (and easy) team building event! Pick a venue of your choice and we will come to you. All Corporate Trivia Packages include a professional trivia host, equipment, materials and setup and breakdown. Contact Us for a Custom Quote for Your Next Event!

Corporate Music Bingo Night

Looking to add a fun twist to your usual corporate dinner – look no further than Music Bingo! Whether you’re a fan of Led Zepplin, The Clash or Lady Gaga, this is an event that all ages will love. How does Music Bingo work? We play your favorite songs and you mark the songs off on a custom made bingo card when you hear them. First person to get 5 in a row wins! Or maybe, just maybe, we try to go for a full bingo card – or some fun shapes!

Corporate Murder Mystery Party

Experience a team building event unlike any other you’ve ever experienced before. Our Murder Mystery events are immersive and interactive, forcing teams to work together to figure out who done it – and better yet, everyone (yes, everyone) will get to play a part. Will you get to be the CSI Investigator, Forensic Analyst, Negotiator or Interrogator? Our Murder Mystery Parties are custom packages that can be created for groups of 10 to 100+.  Contact Us for a Custom Quote for Your Next Event!